Thursday, February 24, 2011

so bad of me!

rah's 9 month update was earlier this month. now, i know its not a required checkup from u of FL, but we all know 1) im anal retentive and 2) psychotic and couldnt wait until may to check him. besides, berlin and mercury were due for their yearly checks.

so - berlin's echo is perfect, her holter was completely free of VPC's - her health testing is now complete and everything is being sent to OFA for her CHIC number. not because she will be bred (ha, i spayed her) but so that her breeder can benefit from the knowledge and others can know the health of her lines. her littermate already has his CHIC, and the bitch she bred her littermate to is also CHIC #'d.

rah's echo showed only minimal enlargement - a few millimeters. nothing to be concerned about. his holter had 121 VPC's - 116 singles and a very slow run of 5 (he couldnt even call this tachycardia because it wasn't, so NOT vtach!)

so he's holding stable. keep on keeping on. fighting the good fight. he's a good boy and we're going to fight this as hard as we can.

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  1. Hi Kim,

    just a feedback - I am happy I found your site. My superdobiegirl got Congestive Heart Failure last week and was diagnosed with DCM. My heart is broken. I read everything about the Florida stem cell therapy, knowing this is too late for my girl now (why didn´t I know about it 2 years ago when I adopted her...). I wish you all the best and hope Rah will be an example that will give hope for a future cure for all those wonderful Dobies out there.