Saturday, June 12, 2010

waiting on the holter...

well, rah had his first recheck last thursday - i know im late reporting... but... it was GOOD!

rah's echo showed improvements in ALL areas - his heart shrunk!!! all the values were better than his original diagnostic echo in february, and he was on the table for over an hour to get all the views they needed- and he didn't throw a single VPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's HUGE.

his holter was mailed out to florida a few days ago and hopefully i will have the results in the next week or so - and we can go from there. but i am incredibly hopeful - the cardiologist warned me that the improvement isn't expected to be seen in the first month, but more over the long term - but this is GOOD change in the first month and i hope it continues over the next rechecks.

on a bad note, i may have a problem again sourcing one of his meds as its off the market and now the compounding pharmacy is having problems getting materials. so i bought 5 bottles of it to tide me over and animerge has a bottle on the shelves that i am having lydia hold onto as an emergency.

but im hopeful - this is the first time i think ive felt hopeful about this in a long time.

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  1. Could you any chance get the drug in Canada? if so, I could get it to you!